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Everyday is Earth Day at Cassida!

Cassida cares about the world we all share. Most of our packages consist of fully recyclable materials such as recyclable EPE foam, bags and boxes. In addition to improving the environmental footprint of our packaging, we also want to ensure our products are disposed of in the proper manner. Through our Cassida Cares Program, once a Cassida product has finished its course of useful life, customers are able to return the product to our office in San Diego at Cassida’s expense to be properly dismantled and recycled!

Cassida's environmental awareness also extends past our products and into our work environment. Along with using renewable energy within our offices, employees who are planning on purchasing an electric vehicle are provided monetary incentives to make it happen. Employees with electric vehicles also have access to a charging station at our office free of charge.

Lastly, although Covid restrictions have made it difficult to travel, Cassida still encourages healthy and safe travel through our Cassida Travel Program. If an employee is planning on traveling outside of the US, we will cover a portion of the travel expenses. Earth has so much to offer when it comes to its nature, people, animals, cultures, countries and so on. Through the Cassida Travel Program we hope to extend our values and appreciation for the environment to our employees by giving them the opportunity to experience in person the amazing things this world has to offer. Here at Cassida we hope that soon everyone treats everyday as Earth Day.

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