How to Wrap Coins

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase one of these units?

You can find the Cassida Machines at any of the following retail partners below: Amazon.com Wallmart Staples Quill BJ's Fry's Electronics Sears OJ Commerce PCM CashCounterMachines.com GlobalIndustrial.com

Where is the serial number for my unit? What does it look like?

Your serial number is a string of numbers and letters unique to your unit located underside of your unit.

How do I clean my unit and how often does it need to be cleaned?

Like other coin sorters on the market, standard maintenance and cleaning of the unit are important and recommended to significantly prolonging the lifespan of the product. Cleaning the unit helps prevent issues that may lead to costly repairs. Dirty sensors can affect the overall performance of the Cassida's C200, which can lead to a variety of errors such as E1-E9 and EA codes (Please see user manual for code explainations). We at Cassida suggest performing weekly celaning on the unit to maintain top performance. Below is a link to the Cleaning Procedure for the C200 which can also be downloaded as a PDF.
• Cassida C200 Cleaning Procedure

What does this error mean?

Does this unit keep count of coins added?

Yes, the C200 operates in ADD mode by default. In ADD mode, the coin count is added to the count from the previous batches. To start a new count, press the "C" button. This will reset the coin count size to zero.

Does this unit recognize coin value?

Yes, the C200 has designated chutes for each denomination of coin.

What does the 1-year warranty cover?

For warranty information, please visit: www.CassidaUSA.com/support To activate your warranty in the US or Canada, please register your product online by visiting www.CassidaUSA.com/register In other countries, go to www.CassidaGlobal.com/register In most cases, the malfunction of machine can be resolved by cleaning the unit. Please refer to the question "How do I clean my unit and how often does it need to be cleaned?"

What do I do if my unit is defective when I receive it?

Please contact Cassida Support through our site and provide infomation on the the issue(s) that you are experiencing.

What information do I need to provide for a support claim?

When providing a support claim, splease have the following information ready: • Your contact information • The product serial number - To find your serial number refer to the second question (Where is the serial number for my unit? What does it look like?) • The subject of your request • A brief description of the failure that has been encountered

How do I get my unit repaired?

Contact Cassida Support through out webpage at: www.CassidaUSA.com/support-contact and create a support ticket. The customer service representative assigned to your ticket will respond with troubleshooting techniques, or arrange for an on-site repair at our facility.

How can I reach Cassida customer and technical support?

Please visit www.CassidaUSA.com/support-contact to create a support ticket or call 1-888-800-0303.

Does the C200 sort coins?

Yes, the C200 can sort coins into bins, or you can sort and wrap coin rolls using the provided coin tubes.

Does the C200 wrap/roll coins?

Yes, the C200 can wrap/roll coins using the provided coin tubes. You can quickly set the preset batch amounts for all coin denominations by simply holding down the "+" button for 3 seconds. You can also use just the coin bins to sort large amounts of coins.

Why does my unit jam?

Majority of jamming issues with the C200 happen with the Paddle Drive. Below we have attached a document that can be downloaded or viewed over the web to help you troubleshoot your machine's paddle drive: - Cassida C200 Paddle Drive Troubleshooting If the document attached fails to alleviate your machine's issue, please contact Cassida Technical Support and create a support ticket.