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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for me?

It can work great for you if you can follow simple instructions that will guide you into a state of a very deep and relaxed concentration. For most people this comes naturally, for others it may be a bit more challenging as it varies from person to person. To find out jump on to your Free Consultation.

However, if you have any physical, mental, psychological health conditions please consult your medical health professional.

How long does it take?

You will generally experience an emotional breakthrough from the very first session itself. However, the duration of time for the whole process varies from person to person depending on their individual circumstances and situations.

How much does it cost?

Jump on a Free Consultation Call with me for this information. As I need to assess your personal situation and know exactly what the problem is. And weather or not I can help you with that problem and design the best outcome for you.

Will it work online?

Yes. In fact more and more people are opting for online sessions now as they are more convenient.

Is it safe?

There are many myths about hypnosis. The most popular ones being that is a form of mind control. These myths are generally propagated by Stage shows. Where the Stage Hypnotist is an illusion-artist creating the 'illusion' of controlling everyone's mind. But this is far from the truth. In reality hypnosis is not something imposed on people, but something they do for themselves. A hypnotist simply serves as a facilitator to guide them into a deeply focused and relaxed state of mind. In fact hypnosis is something very natural. And you may slip into several times during the day especially upon waking up or going to sleep and sometimes even in all your day to day activities such as watching television or reading a book etc. In a therapeutic setting however this is caused deliberately for a beneficial purpose for the client to have a positive effect.