A Complete Solution to Coin Counting, Sorting and Wrapping

  • Functionality & Ease of Use: The C300 counts, sorts, adds, batches, and wraps the coins (U.S. Coins: Dollar Coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes and Pennies).

  • Fast, Reliable and Accurate: With a hopper capacity of 2000 coins, the C300 will accurately count and sort your coins at a speed of 300 coins per minute.

  • Innovative and Efficient Rolling System: Unlike standard coin counters where you must remove the tube to load every wrapper, Cassida C300 comes armed with the QuickLoad™ coin tubes allowing for an easy swap of the full roll with the next coin wrapper from the bottom of the tube.

  • Advanced Reporting: The large LCD screen puts your mind at ease as it displays the number of coins counted, total dollar value and the dollar amount for each denomination.

  • Printing Capabilities: Pair the C300 with the Cassida Thermal Printer (sold separately) to print a detailed receipt of your daily count for easy bank deposits and personal record keeping.

Why C300?

Grade: Commercial


Counting Speed: 300 Coins per Minute

Capacity: Hopper: 1,900 (Dimes) Coin Bins: 850 for double and 400 for single (Dimes)

Countable Coins: Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Dollars

Operating Modes: Count, Batch, Add

Display Type: LED

Dimensions: 11" W x 11.4" D x 10.4" H

Weight: 8.7 lbs.

Document DownloadsUser Manual | Sales Sheet

The Cassida C300 is the leading commercial-grade coin counter, sorter and wrapper in the market today. With over 25 years of experience, Cassida's C300 is the next generation in series of coin counting solutions designed to make the process of coin counting easier and much most efficient.                                                                                                                                   The machine features new to the market 'Quick Load’ coin tube technology, printing connectivity, magnetic bins and a ‘One-Touch’ batch setting mode for automatic fill of tubes and bins. Quiet in operation and compact in size, the C300 makes for a perfect addition to any desk operation.


Quick to recognize individual denominations and sort them automatically  into bins or tubes (for wrapping/rolling) depending on your needs, the C300 takes the following U.S. Coins: Dollar Coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes and Pennies.


Simply load the 2000 coin capacity hopper, press start, and walk away. With the ‘One Touch’ batch setting, the C300 will automatically fill the bins or the preformed coin wrappers and stop when the bins or tubes are full.  Custom batch setting available so you can easily customize coin batches to your own needs, such as making coin rolls for some denominations while other coins fill up the bins.  Knowing how much of each coin being sorted and counted by looking at the large LCD display, puts your mind at ease as you watch the machine tally up your coins while breaking them down by the denomination.


At the end of your count, simply pair the C300 with the Cassida Thermal Printer (sold separately) to print a detailed receipt of your daily count for easy bank deposits and personal record keeping.

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