• Super-high capacity hopper holds up to 1,000 bills– perfect for high cash volume operations.

  • Accommodates both new and worn bills with 3 adjustable speed settings: faster speed for new bills, slower for worn bills.

  • Built to last with a durable steel construction.

  • Customize batch amounts from 0 to 999 bills.

  • Add + Batch mode tallies a continued count of bills while also pausing each time the batch number is reached. 

  • The 85 UV model includes an ultraviolet counterfeit detection system to ensure bills are authentic with far greater accuracy than a simple pen or UV light. The 85 UV/MG model includes both ultraviolet and magnetic ink detection systems.

Ultra Heavy-Duty Bill Counter

Why 85?

Grade: Bank

Models Available: Basic, UV, UV/MG

Bill Loading Style: Top Loader

Counting Speed: 1,500/1,200/900 Bills per Minute

Capacity: Hopper: 1,000 Bills (New) Stacker: 300 Bills (New)

Operational Modes: Count, Batch, Add, Add+Batch

Display Type: Dual LEDs

Dimensions: 10.8" W x 9.2" D x 10.0" H

Weight: 11.7 lbs.

Document DownloadsUser Manual Sales Sheet

     The Cassida 85 is the perfect choice for your high-volume money counting needs. Manufactured with durable steel components, it's designed to offer continued use through years of operation. Its super-high capacity 1,000 bill hopper makes quick work of counting large volumes of cash and its digital display will offer a count of up to 9,999 bills! The Cassida 85 also offers 3 counting speeds, faster for new bills and slower for worn bills, so no matter the condition of your currency it will be able to count it. The batch mode allows for custom batches to be set from 0 to 999. Count plus batch will keep a running tally of your total count while also stopping the count each time the batch limit is reached. 


     For added security, the 85 UV model includes an ultraviolet counterfeit detection system. The 85 UV/MG model includes both ultraviolet and magentic ink detection systems.


     The 85 is backed by a one-year warranty and Cassida's helpful, US-based support team. If you count on cash for your business, count on America’s #1 brand in business-grade currency handling solutions: Cassida!