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Cassida 85

The Cassida 85 is a heavy-duty currency counter with a high capacity 1,000 bill hopper and three-way selectable speed which ensures an uninterrupted and comfortable count, even with the highest currency volume.

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IR technology is based on the use of special IR dyes, all of which the human eye in normal light perceives as one color. Illuminated with an infrared light these dyes can be easily differentiated. Bills are usually printed using two of these dyes same in color but different in IR-range of spectrum, so once the bill is under the infrared light only the area coated with the dye reflecting IR-rays will be seen. Refer to the $100 bill photo under an IR illumination on the left. The Cassida 2200 and Cassida 3300 incorporate detection of this most advanced security feature in the industry. Click here to view other $100 bill’s security features


Bank notes also incorporate fluorescent dyes, which glow under exposure to UV illumination. To enable fluorescence, dye is infused with luminescent solids that give off a specific colored glow under UV light. The Cassida 2200 is equipped with a UV detection system which verifies this security feature. The image at the left shows a $20 bill image under UV illumination. Click here to view other $20 bill’s security images.


Magnetic Detection
New bank notes utilize dyes with magnetic properties.  These dyes have a ferro-magnetic component.  Government mints often print serial numbers or fragments of a metallographic picture with a magnetic dye.  These security features can be verified by means of a magnetic image visualizer or by a tester with a magnetic head, as in the Cassida 2200 counterfeit detector.  The photo to the left is the magnetic marks map of a $50 bill. Click here to view other $50 bill’s security features

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